Looking back in time and trying to collect the memories of all the miles that have been covered so far… the remaining looks like the final last mile. Quite interestingly the phrase fits the Telecom vocabulary perfectly. It’s only the ‘last mile’ that needs to get hooked into now.  And the way things are moving it will be sooner than expected.

There is good news for everyone who has been directly or indirectly associated with the concept and has been eagerly waiting to see it go live: the beta version looks good and the team has been able to shape out a beauty. Once you start using the application there will be more than one reason to get hooked on to it and feel proud about it.

Keeping our focus on the designing through user interfaces and studying user behavior had remained the biggest challenge all this time. There were times when functionality had to be compromised for the ease of use or vice versa. But gladly, we have been able to pull it off, while keeping ‘ease-of-use’ at the top most priority. Hope it pays well in the end.

Please do write to us, if you want to be part of the user behavior study group. We will be more than happy if you can participate in providing valuable feedback on the usability aspect of the web portal and the handset application.

Stay tuned for more updates and special discounts at the launch.

– Deepesh